I am new in here need Help with Camcorder

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      Hi everyone as you see this my first post so please excuse me If I posted in wrong section …

      I really need little help here I am trying to make short films like 15 or 20 minute footage film and would like to which is the best for me is it Mini dvd cam, flashmemory or harddrive brand does not matter to me as long it has following featuring

      external mic input , 20xoptical zoom and quality HD great one

      Let me tell you something about my background and I have started editing wedding on my pc for years and using adope cs2 tyears ago and I become good at so I made it hope and was passion of editing any footage I got I would edit make it really good

      I took lynda online course and also auto desk 3d max for almost year now

      so as far editing I have covered that passed but I have never took my own footage I have been using someone else footage so now I decided to start making my own footage.

      I have saved some money bought equipment and system

      Mac Pro

      Quad core One 2.66

      with Nehalem processor 6gb

      two apple display 24inch and Adope CS4

      and friend of mine just told me his friend has final cut studio which he ‘s selling for 300$

      So what I want is to start my footage take action footage I have all the accessoir like lights tripod and green screen.. good loctaion isn basement with huge garage

      My goal is to keep practicing with small camcorder and than next year buy Panasonic dvx200

      so I am set I just need which camcorder will fit me needs

      average I will spent is right now 350 to 400 with tax…

      which one would be recommended

      thanks advance

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      Try to find a Canon HV40, when you can get one for less than $700 it is a GREAT camera that should get you started, especially with what you have otherwise to work with on the editing and production side.

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      Hi Earl –

      I noticed everyone left…

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      Thanks EarlC you are amazing and very helpful you make my day by recommending I did checked on you tube is amazing the quietly cinemalook and that ‘s what I was looking for

      thank you very much

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      Sony or Canon are two brands that have new camcorder for the money. The Canon VIXIA HF R20 Full HD Camcorder with 8GB Internal Flash Memory and the Sony HDR-CX190 High Definition Handycam 5.3 MP Camcorder may be good options for you. Hope that could solve your problem.

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