I am looking for folks who can upload their own “how to” videos

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      Hello there. My name is Ellen and I am looking for new video authors for MindBites.com. A video author can be absolutely anyone who knows how to do anything that they can share and teach.

      MindBites.com is a new instructional video marketplace where anyone can upload their own “how to” videos and put them up for sale. Typically 8-10 minute instructional videos are sold for $1.99 per download and MindBites splits the proceeds 50/50 with you. In other words, you will receive $1.00 everytime someone purchases your “how to” video. If you can operate a video camera and have basic editing skills, you are a candidate to become a MindBites author. This is a great way to earn residual income. We are looking for “how to” content of any kind as long as it is in good taste and useful.

      MindBites.com focuses on the authors of the videos as we share from the first $1 of revenue and we have programs in place to help folks succeed at all levels. It cost nothing to get started and upload your videos. Unlike other instructional video sites, we are interested in you personally and what you know, not just your videography skills.

      You never know what knowledge people are looking for until you upload what you have to share. Check us out http://www.MindBites.com Here is a press release that provides further information:


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