I am Directing my frist TV Pilot. What kind of HD cameras should I request?

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      I want it to be in 16 x 9 and I don’t want to break the budget. I also don’t want to sound like a moron. I have only shot in house with studio cameras. Now the producer wants a list of requests. cameras, tracks, jibs, lights… We will be shoting in restaurants and in studio kitchens as well as outdoors. help…

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      Hi Jack.

      Congratulations on your first broadcast gig.

      I don’t know if you are following the thread “5K, Anyone?” but some people are using the Canon EOS 5D Mk 2 as a substitute for the RED ONE camera, at a small fraction of the cost ($3k instead of $50K). If you have 25 minutes watch the first video link posted.

      I am not at all an expert on broadcast, although I hope to move in that direction. My first step, if I were you, would be to contact the TV station, and ask them what format they use. Different broadcast companies use different formats, and I would think it would be absolutely 100% critical to use theirs. Ask them what they recommend.

      Please keep me posted on your success.


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      Do you have hiring a DP slated in your budget? That’s the person you need to be talking to during pre-production. If not a DP, then a First or Main Camera. Whoever it is, they should be familiar with cameras and field lighting. I suspect your budget doesn’t include a gaffer, but if your producer is tagging you about cameras, lights and what not there may be some funding for it. Since you’re shooting ‘reality TV’ (the blanket term for non-narrative television programming) don’t fall into the same trap of trying to go ‘chintzy’ by hiring recent college grads to do the heavy lifting on the production side of your show. They may be cheap and eager, but won’t have the knowledge, skill and experience you’re going to need. Depending on where you are there are plenty of pros these days scrambling for work even at a reduced rate. No way a recent college grad is going to have the depth of knowledge needed to help you pull off this thing.

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      I hear good things about the Sony PMW-EX3

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      I am not a broadcast guy yet, but I agree with Birdcat. The EX-3 would seem to be a very logical choice. SDI, synching, all that. Plus it is proven technology and on a first time shoot you probably would not have to pioneer anything.

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