i am buying a camera for night shooting (recommendations)

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      what would be a good hd camcorder for night shooting. i have an hdr hc3 for day shoots. i shop on ebay mostly. any hd camera under 1000 or around that

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      HD cameras perform very poorly in low lighting….very poorly. I would only recommend shooting HD at night if you have a good lighting system. Sony cameras have always performed the best in low light situations, but the lighting problem with HD is relatively global. There are no good HD cameras under $1000. I doubt there are bad ones in this price range.

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      lotr456 Wrote:

      night shooting.

      Get some lights, light your scene as you wish. If you want it to look like night, use a day-for-night filter.

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      Your least expensive option worth considering would be a used Sony FX1, and those are probably still over $2K. With some work in editing you can get usable images from that camera in dim lighting, but it’s not what we’ve been used to with the best DV cameras.

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