Hybrid AVCHD DVD and DVD-Video?

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      I have eleven performance recordings <10 minutes long recorded in 1920×1080 AVCHD, and I need to give these recordings to the eleven different clients on DVDs.

      I don’t know if they own DVD or Blu-Ray players.

      I’d like to be able to give them their clip on a DVD that will show HD content on Blu-Ray players, and SD content on DVD players.

      Is there a way to burn VIDEO_TS and BDMV folders onto one DVD?

      How does a Blu-ray player distinguish between a DVD-Video and an AVCHD DVD?

      What UDF file system would this require?

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      Hello; I do not believe you can intermix formats. When you burn a DVD or BD or AVCHD the session has to close and you single out that format for that disc.

      That said you have some options. This is what I tend to do most of the time, since like you I have many friends that do not have BD players, and some that do. I take an inventory of how many that will be getting a disc could benefit from an AVCHD and how many from a standard DVD. Prior to this while in production I create two COMPUTER VIDEO FILES of the same video. 1) in AVCHD the other in standard DVD format. I save them both to the computer with the name of the event and I will note the format in the saved name.

      Then I use Moviefactory Pro 7 to burn the disc. By creating the two computer files while in production you save time in re-rendering the entire project. Now that your burning application is up and running you drag say the standard DVD format in and create the DVD menu and burn the disc you need. When done you do the same with the AVCHD format.

      Although there is only 1 extra step (creating the dvd menu again for the second format) it takes almost the same amount of time. I then suggest keeping a master of both finished disc on hand that way if you need another all you need to do is copy it.

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      Here’s an idea. No Guarantees. If I had time I would try it, but you can try it and let us all know how you get on.

      Firstly burn an AVCHD version of one of the tracks onto a DVD. Keep the bitrate below 16Mb/s and check that it plays OK on a variety of Blue Ray players. If it plays OK burn a disk image.

      Then burn a standard DVD version to a disk image.

      Using Nero or something similar, burn both disk images onto the DVD.

      Then try it in both types of players. Certainly the DVD will ignore the AVCHD but will the Bluray player prefer the AVCHD, that is the question.

      Let’s know how you get on.


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