HXR-MC50U Can’t import video files to Mac- help!

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      Hi! I just recently purchased a SONY HXR-MC50U HD Camcorder. I have recorded video and taken photos on both internal memory and a memory card. My two issues are:

      1) The PMB software won’t install on my Macbook Pro, which is where I do my video editing (Final Cut Pro) I’ve tried to install a Mac version I downloaded online and was unsuccessful…
      but more importantly
      2) Even when I connect to my PC (with the PMB softward installed) I am only able to import images. I cannot locate the video files. Even on the Mac when I opened the sony camcorder as a storage device hoping to drag and drop the files they were in an unrecognizeable format.

      Is there some simple solution I’m missing? How do I import the video I record? I need to record an interview this afternoon…

      Help! Thank you πŸ™‚

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      when connecting your camera to the computer, I beilive you can choose either the internal camera drive or the memory card but not both at the same time. If you need to import off both, you do one, disconnect it reconnect it and then choose the other…

      As I find imove adequate for some jobs, I always import into imovie first (which converts the file to pro res I believe) and then I take my clips from imovie and export an xml file which I then open in final cut if needed.

      I believe imovie is more useful for me (as I only do basic editing, nothing too fancy) as an organization tool, so it works for me to do it this way.

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