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      Hi all I am back again. Just got this cam and I am still learning it. My big question is the stock charger that comes with it says 330 min. for a full charge. Does anyone know if this charger senses the charge in the battery and compensates with a shorter charge time?

      Also could I use another Pansonic charger, has identical numbers as far as input and output and the same lug setup for the battery same mount style. I do not know pinout though and was curious if there were any way of finding this out. I could really use another charger so I can charge up 2 batteries at once.



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      Having two chargers around is really handy. Not only can you charge twice as many batteries, you can also use one charger to power your camcorder while the 2nd charger powers up a battery.

      Since my chargers have removable power cords, I make sure to gaff tape them to avoid accidental trip ups.


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      Yep a second charger will be fine. I still hope someone could help out with this question on the charger though. Want to see if this second charger I have (from a different Panasonic camera) can be used. It has the same mount and the same input and output not sure of the pinout. Does anyone know?

      Stock charger is a DE-A20 and the one I want to use as a second is a PV DAC 11 This charger has the exact same charge output the camera output is different. I only want to use it as a charger anyway. I see the pin symbols are the same on the charger.

      Also does anyone know about the charger sensing the battery voltage and reduce the charge time or does it just go 330 min. every time.


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      Simple Google Search brought up

      PV DAC 11 Supports CGR-D120A, CGR-D220A, CGR-D320A, CGR-D08A, CGR-D16A and CGR-D28A

      If your battery is not one of these, I would say it’s not a safe bet to use this charger for it.

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      Yep I saw that. But many times there are things that will work and then there are things that will not. The charger output is identical to the stock charger that came with the camera. The only unknown is whether or not it senses battery capacity and state of charge or does it just blast it full out for a certain amount of time. The trouble is I have no clue if the stock charger senses it either.

      These are the things you will not find unless someone is in the know. I was hoping someone here may have that info. I would bet it is not published.

      But as you say better to be safe and not take a chance wasting a $135 battery orbatteries.


Viewing 4 reply threads
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