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HVRV1U & memory stick pro duo

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    Hello all,
    I’m going to be using this camcorder for a TV production class I’m taking and was wondering if i could dual record with a HDV tape and a memory stick pro duo. granted the card is labeled by sandisk as VideoHD High Performance so it can assuredly handle HD footage.

    I know that it can dual record with a tape and HDD, but I dont love HDDs and would prefer the backup be on a card.

    I’ve checked the manual online and while it says it accepts the card, it only mentions how it cannot record video to a “Memory stick duo” but says nothing more about the “Pro Duos” in that regard, other than the fact that the camcorder accepts it. It uses the memory stick duo for still images.

    If anyone has any advice that’d be great.

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    no, that card slot is for photos only. BUT! you have other options . . .

    you can connect through the firewire you have a choice of:

    a 60Gb hard drive: HVR-DR60
    Compact flash card unit:HVR-MRC1K

    Or if you want movie quality footage:

    You can hook up NanoFlash to the HDMI if you want 10-bit 50 100 and 150 mb/s codec recorded onto compact flash cards. these files are ten times the size of HDV and have the maximum color space (known as sony 422) this gets a bit complicated so I’m gona stop here – but it is a option!

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