HVR-Z7U Question on Strobing Effect

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      I am about midway through the learning curve on a Sony HVR-Z7U and would like to ask a question.

      Today, I shot some video in a local park capturing dogwoods and other trees in bloom. I shot with everything on manual at 30p/60 using one of the cinema look Picture Profiles. When I played the video back on my Sony 1080i television, I noticed a pronounced strobing in some of the clips. It generally appeared where light was coming through the trees and was isolated to those areas of the clip. I was shooting hand held but the shots did not involve panning and generally I was at zero zoom level.

      As a test, I shot some video inside using all of the same settings and then played it back, perfect. Then I inserted a different CF card with footage of a park that I shot several months ago and it was perfect.

      Am I missing something? The settings on the television are for 1080i and did not change between viewings. These specific clips are not critical, but I would like to know what is causing this.

      Thanks for any help or advice on this.

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      something to look at. Were any of the camera setting on auto on that strobing shot? In some situations auto iris or auto level will give a strobing effect as it is trying to hunt for the right light level.

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      24fps or cinema look settings require a specific technique. When you noticed the strobe effect, were you panning, if so were you panning quickly? You need to slow down quite a bit when panning in 24fps or 30fps cinema look mode. Strobe effect is common when in 24fps or 30fps cinema look. My cousin turned me on to aPanasonicDVX tutorial. (It came with his Panasonic camera), that talks about shooting in 24fps or cinema look.

      Good Luck



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