HVR-Z1U vs H1

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      what do you guys think, say price is not an issue (hypothetically speaking.) is one better than the other?

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      No question the Sony is obsolete compared to the Canon res chart shows Sony at around 675 the Canon comes in at around 800 and at 60i it flys off the chart. and the Canon recording of 60i is better than Sonys cinfram which is junk. Like i said thier is no comparison Sony is totaly out classed. Back to the drawing board Sony!

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      I own an XL2 and had the XL1s. Now those were amazing cameras. With this new camera Canon has priced it self out of the game. They also claim that you can you use the 3x wide angle lense with this camera. This is NOT an HD lense. So what does that tell you. As for the sony. No inechangable lenses. Come on guys get with the program! Rumors are saying that sony is getting ready to go back to the drawing board with there Five grand HD models any way. So be wary of buying this camera. Right now, you best bet is the JVC. This camera rocks!!!. Just know that HD means you also have to invest in an HD card wich runs around $2’300.

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      Well, other than you guys’ amazing ability to say a bunch of nothing while showing a lack of experience with the sony products, it’s hard to say which is actually better. both have a lot of great features and i know i’m excited about a lot of what the H1 is offering and where that product line is going in the future. i also know that the Z1u is a great camera and neither of you have apparently ever used it because it’s an awesome product. i admit that i never use the Cineframe 24p but the 30p looks great and there are a ton of other options that make it a worthwile buy. the Canon would have been well out of my price range anyway when i was buying and the more compact size of the Z1u has helped in a few situations where the other would have been a bit too bulky to use (i’ve used the Xl-1s and Xl-2 so i’m familiar with that general size).

      also, using canon-sourced charts to compare one camera to the other will always make sure that the manufacturer you’re looking at will come out on top.

      as i’ve said before, i was once told by an industry veteran that JVC stands for “Junk Video Company” and after using the DV5000 myself, i tend to agree.

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