HVR-V1P Sony Cam & Edit Questions

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      Hi all,

      I have the Sony HVR V1P and have been recording in HDV mode and am thinking of switching to DV mode. Somewhere in the editing process I have been losing the HD which is evident when I post to Youtube although I cannot complain about the vision (good quality). Can anyone tell me the pro’s and con’s of HDV and DV? I use Pinnacle Studio 14 Ultimate Collection, I have a computer with 2Gb ram and 3Ghz CPU which I know is not optimal but until recently has not been a problem. Just lately it’s starting to do strange things and takes ages to render. I have deleted auxillary files which I was told should be done regularly to clear space. I don’t have many programs running and have saved past projects to an external hard drive. Any help would be appreciated.


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      I occasionally do sub-contract work for a production house, their specifications require we shoot in HDV and they edit in DV.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      Always shoot HDV unless I am told not to. Seldom do I edit in HD. I would rather look at letterboxed imagery than oldschool square and, just like scaling an image up softens it, I like that scaling it down makes it crisper, hiding the 5:1 compression big time. I use the letterbox for graphics and such much of the time. It’s always up to the client but I don’t even ask anymore.

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      I am a bit confused about the DV & HDV thing. If I record in HDV and edit in DV .. I get a DV outcome final product presumably. Therefore, is there any advantage in shooting in HDV as opposed to DV?

      Thanks in anticipation, Lindsay

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      I want to shoot 30 minute video’s in a controlled ‘interview’ type setting. I have always used HDV but a, thinking DV or DVCAM for easier rendering. Any tips or hints if I move to one of these formats?

      Thanks again, Lindsay

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