hvr-hd1000u or dcr-vx2100

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      Kind of thinking of getting one of these two. I tape local stock car races and sell copies. Like the shoulder style of the 1000u, but since I have to rely on the track lighting (poor at night)I am leaning towards the vx2100. Can anyone tell me what series(letter designation)batteries these use as I have sony batteries in l, m, and h. Advise, suggestions?


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      I can’t offer any info on the batteries, but I can say that the VX2100 will have better manual controls, and much better low-light performance. (HDV camcorders tend to do poorly in low light.)

      Another consideration is the motion artifacts that HDV introduces. I would think that would be a problem with the fast motion of a stock car race, but you wouldn’t have to worry about that with the vx2100.

      If you really want a shoulder mount camcorder, you might consider the Panasonic DVC20. It’s not as nice as the vx2100, but it is standard def, so no HDV motion artifacts. Another shoulder mount Panasonic, the DVC60, had more professional features than the DVC20. The DVC60 was discontinued about half a year ago, but you might be able to find one.

      Getting back to the VX2100, it’s a great camcorder, and you might be able to find a shoulder mount attachment that would work with it. I’ve seen them advertised before…. just don’t know how well they work.

      Good luck!

      Ken Hull

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      I have a pag orbitor with vari-zoom control but was just look at reducing some of the setup. Since I have 6-8 batteries and the lanc controller, I am kind of stuck on Sony. So will probably go with the vx2100. Thanks for the input.

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