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      Well, my HV20 should be getting here this Friday if not tomorrow according to UPS. Now I must get some accessories. Here’s what I plan to get. Please let me know of better alternatives or what you think will be best for the
      Canon HV20.
      Case: Canon SC2000
      Tripod: Bogen-Manfrotto 725B $112.99(not sure at all though)
      Lens Filter: Canon FS43U II $59.95 (not sure how much I need now..)
      White Balance Cards: Warm Cards $65 *(warmcards.com, worth it?)
      Mini DV tape: Not sure, since I will get one brand and always use it…

      Those are the main Items I will be getting now, since I only have about a little over $200 initial budget, then $300 more next week (stupid new cc and their temptations!) I may not need the warm cards initially though, but will be getting the following accessories maybe in a week or two at most.

      Extra battery: Battery (BP-2L14) $80.00
      Chroma Key Backdrop : (not sure which one, would like double sided)
      Mic: (Azden SGMX Super-cardioid Shotgun)
      Steady Cam
      Lighting Kit
      Wide-Converter WD-H43
      Tele-Converter TL-H43
      Do the converts make a big difference for the HV20?
      Thanks for your help and advice on what to get, if I’m missing any neccesities, please let me know.

      Ok, this was a post from another forum, but I already ordered the back (Canon SC2000) and the Canon FS43U II filters. Really need to decide on a good tripod/ head and mic for this cam though. I’ll get you guys some vids of footage, you guys can request what type you want and I’ll upload it for you.


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      You mention Steady Cam and tripod for your camera outfit. Very good.

      I don’t know what all your modes of filming are – but you might consider a look at one of the handheld and tripod mount setups made by http://www.Zacuto.com. Suggest you start at page http://www.zacuto.com/universal.htm. Very useful stuff and well made too.

      Here also is a link to a article (press release) for a new product called Newsman Handheld Package‘ you might find useful.

      Always fun opening a package you’ve ordered by mail. Good Luck!


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