HV10- Which Tapes?

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      I have been looking at the Canon HV10 and like what it has to offer, but I am boggled by all the different types of mini dv tapes available. I have heard some recommendations as far as sticking with the brand of the camcorder because of the lubrication used in the tapes? Well I really just need to know what brand and model of mini dv’s are best for this camcorder so I can get started

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      Many people say you should use the same brand of tape as your camcorder. I don’t think that’s so important; besides… does Canon even make tape? But sticking to one brand is a very good idea. And choosing a brand that’s been around for a while means they probably know what they’re doing, and will be around for some time.
      I chose TDK brand for 2 reasons:
      1. I know TDK has been involved with magnetic recording for several decades.
      2. I get a really good price on an 8-pack of TDK tapes at Costco, a discount store near me.

      Just my 3 cents worth, πŸ™‚
      Ken Hull

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      is there really much difference in the premium tapes mde for hd or is that just marketing?

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      Yeah, thats something I’ve been wondering too.
      Is there a significant difference?

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