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      I just recently purchased a Canon HV10 and Have not been able to capture any videos. I have not received the new version of Pinnacle Titanium yet and I have been downloading trial versions of sony, ulead, pinnacle, etc to name a few. My computer recognizes my HV10 when it is in either the DV or HDV mode. Here is my computer:

      Compact pressario laptop
      Mobile AMD Athlon XP-M processor 2800+
      750 Meg ram
      15 Gig available on harddrive
      Windows XP home with SP2
      Siig pcmcia with 2-USB2 and 1-1394 firewire w/ a 1394 to dv/hdv cable

      I’m pretty computer literate and have tried many setups with the software that I have downloaded. What seems to be happening is the softwae is hanging up when I try to initiate a capture and I have to force the program to end, or in some cases, shut down the computer to continue.

      Any help would be appreciated.


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      Sounds like the HDV function of the software you have tried is not quite ready for prime time (which is often the case of inexpensive software and new features). Or it is not included in these demos you are using. I have no experience with the software vendors you have listed but i have captured HDV into both Premiere pro and Final cut Pro and have had absoulutly no problems. It could be a hardware problem (definitly use an external drive to capture to) but it is more likely a software problem since it does not even get started before the program locks.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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