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      HI Guys,

      So far i have only played with Premier and Encore, and edited a movie of me Vacuuming around the house, which i played at 10x speed which made it only 3.5mins long, so a very small file size.

      Now the reason i told you all that is, I have just recorded my mates band and intend to put it onto DVD for him.

      Now I edit in Premier and then Export Movie, which transcodes into .avi files and then i import this into Encore.

      The problem is that my file which is 1.45 Hours long is taking about 12 – 14 hours to Transcode.

      Now as this is my first large movie i dont know if this is normal or not or if indeed i have set some settings wrong. The only thing that i know i altered from standard is that i Clicked to NOT ADD TO PROJECT, and instead chose to have the put onto my Desctop, which is on my Internal IDE HD.

      I am running Win XP
      Intel Celeron 2.6G
      1024MB DDR RAM
      160GB USB2 HD



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      A 2 hour file use to take my old P3 1GHz with 256MBs of RAM that long but now I have a Pentium D dual core 2.8GHz with 2Gig of RAM and its much faster. Infact, a DV AVI file will transcode to the DVD format faster than realtime. Each machine is different but from the desciption of your machine, it should be faster than it is. Double check the system requirements for your version of Encore. I don’t remeber seeing Celeron as being listed in the requirements. That might be the cause.

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      Ey up mate,

      cheers for the reply, but now you have concerned me.

      You think it should be faster than that? I thought it would be a lot faster!

      This editing lark is not as easy as it first seems, especialy when it comes to getting the stuff to work properly on disc.

      Is there any settings that you think i could be either Setting Wrong or Not Setting?

      I Did burn this file to disc last night in Encore, but while i was sleeping so dont know how long it took, but it was certainly less than 8 hours.

      The real problem i had was exporting the Movie from Premier so i could import it into Encore. That took Nearly 15hours.



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      Adding filters such as color correction, motion, blurs, etc will slow down any exporting since it has to calculate how each filter is affecting the video. Also, the export codec has a direct impact. If your using DV AVIs in your timeline, stay with it for exporting. Switching to something like Divx, Cinepak, or even a different AVI will slow it down. If your exporting the Premiere timeline as a DVD (MPEG2) file, it will take a long time. One way to find out how long it actually takes without timing it is to right click on the finished file and select properties. It will display date created, (when you started) and date modified (when it finished). The only time exporting to DVD is "faster" is if the timeline has only 1 track of video with no filters, (transitions ok) and 1 few audio tracks. Titles will also slow it down. Just how much faster varies from machine to machine.

      Unfortunately there may not be much you can do about it. I lived with it for 4 years until I built my new machine. 1 thing you can check is look and see if the recompress box is checked in the Premiere export settings. It should NOT be. This will recompress the video when it really doesn’t need to be. I hope this helps.

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      Ey up mate,

      cheers for that reply, that really helped.

      I imported the file with Scenalyzer, which for some reason split all the clips into 18 min sections. I dont import with Premier as i need 4 chanel audio, which it doesnt support.

      I am using DV AVI in my project, but as to what AVI i am exporting, I dont have a clue, i just clicked Export Movie in Premier and let it do its stuff. I didnt notice if i could alter any settings, but will have a look and see.

      Could actually moving it from one HD to another have anything to do with the time?

      I do have loads oif filters on the file as well as loads of titles, this is cos it was filmed ina dark pub with silly flashing lights, so i needed to try and sort out all the Colour, Brightness and Sharpness, plus i Cropped all the clips down and added LOTS of titles all the way through it.

      How would your system cope in this situation?

      I have thought about getting a Duel Processor Setup, i dont know if you can run Two Duel Core Processors in the same system, but this is what i would like to do. I will have to see if this takes off first before i can justify the expense.

      I have just looked at the settings and it is set to Encode as Microsft DV AVI.

      The Recompress box IS checked and the dropdown is set to "Maintain Data Rate" and has another choice of "Always".

      Why should the above not be set and i un check it will it stay that way?

      This Reply has really helped,

      thanks a lot,


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      Premier Settings

      1. General – File Type – Microsoft DV AVI (numerous Options)
      Range – Entire Sequence (Work Area Bar)
      Enbedding Options – None (Project)
      Export Video / Audio and Add to Project – Ticked

      2. Video – Compressor – DV PAL (DV NTSC)
      Colour Depth – Millions of Colours
      Frame Size – 720 x 576 (Greyed out)
      Farme Rate – 25
      Pixel Aspect Ratio – D1 / DV PAL
      Quality – 100% High (greyed out)
      Data Rate –
      Limit Data Rate – Unchecked
      Recompress – Unchecked (now thanks to you)

      3. Keyframe and Rendering –
      Fields – Lower field first (no fields (progressive scan), Upper field first
      Optimize Stills – Checked
      Deinterlace Video Footage – Not checked
      Keyframe options – Keyframe Every – Not checked
      Add keyframes at marker – not checked
      Add keyframes at Edit – not checked

      4. Audio – Compressor – Uncompressed
      Sample Rate – 32000 HZ (44100 , 48000)
      Sample Type – 16bit
      Channels – Stereo
      Interleave – 1 Frame (1/2, 1 and 2 Seconds)

      Are these setting ok?

      Am i right in thinking that if i select to Add Keyframes at Markers, this will export the Chaptor Points i spent hours setting? These did not export at all in my test export which i was not happy about.

      Cheers for your help,


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      Although it doesn’t really matter right now, optimize stills should be unchecked. Weird things happen when its checked. Everything else looks good.

      The fact that you have alot of filters on your video is the culprite. That boggs down any system. Unfortunately, its something that you gotta live with.

      I have heard of running a dual dual core system. There are motherboards that support 2 processors and putting dual cores into them will give you 4. However, AMD and Intel Xeons I believe are the only choice for processors. I wanted a dual dual core Pentium but there are no boards that support it. (At least I didn’t find them). Lots of RAM is also a good thing. Be sure to do plenty of research first. Compatibility with the intended software is VERY inportant as Adobe does NOT support AMD processors and does NOT guarantee some of their products to work on them.

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      I just setup a 5 minute video with the color (HLS) filter and set the saturation to about -20. I have a Fade in and out to black and a 15 second title over black at the end. I am exporting as an MPEG2 file and even with my new "hotrod" system its going to take 40 minutes.

      A keyframe is not the same thing as a marker. Premiere 6.5 and earlier does not embed marker settings in the file for DVD authoring. I have P6.5 so I can’t tell you how to do it in Pro versions. I typically write down the timecode of each place I want a marker, then add them in my authoring application (Encore 1.5). Add keyframe at markers will make sure an "I" frame is present at those locations when exporting as a compressed file. An "I" frame is a non-compressed frame of video within a compressed video. Typically there is 1 "I" frame then 14 compressed frames, then it saves a new "I" frame and 14 compressed, and so on. The "14" amount can be changed. A non-compressed video (such as DV AVI) has only "I" frames and no compressed frames. If your exporting as a DV AVI, "add keyframe at markers" won’t change a thing.

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      Ey up mate,

      again cheers for your help, this has been really usefull.

      I will uncheck the "Optimize Stills" option when next on.

      Do you know anywhere that i can find simple easy to undertsand export setting?

      I do of course trust that you say they all seem ok, but i would like to know exactly how each one effects the file, but cant ask you as this is way too much to ask and i wouldn’t expect you to go through all those settings.

      It is silly really, you know what you are talking about and are using the consumer version of Premier, while i dont have a clue what im doing and have the Pro version. Whats the world coming to. Lol.

      Cheers again,


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      One thing that helps is to have a second HD to render to. That way the head dose not have to go back and forth reading and writing.

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      I actually wondered if this had been part of the cause of the slow encoding, the fact that it was taking the file from one HD (External USB) to another (Internal IDE).

      I have taken note of the settings that mac has given me and will use them when i finish the project (hopefully Friday).

      Are the settings the Same for Encore when i Burn the DVD? If not, can anyone tell me what the ideal setings should be for Encore DVD Burning?



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