howto make broadcast footage on tight budget?

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      hi guys .. need some advice here …

      im stuck with a charity video content production for a channel ..
      weekly production of 27mins Video. the thing is since its charity
      we dont have hardcore experienced guys interested in it nor the funds
      ok .. now it wont be overly conservative if i say that im only at a basic
      home user experience regarding movie making .. i know people will start
      cursing once they know this .. πŸ™‚

      i might havto start the test footage with 3 SONY DCR-HC42E Cams &
      Sony Vegas 6 & a Sound Recording MP3 Player ..

      As of now i dont have the final specs required by channel guys of
      the video being producd .. but mainly the 30min footage will contain
      interviews, single person talks, cultural events, .. etc.

      what i would like to know is .. a good overall recommendation for
      the equipment that we’ll require on a showstring budget when it goes
      into regular production .. ie. the min no. of cams, cam models, lens sizes,
      content formats, realtime editing eqpmnts., mebe even good tripods &
      tips for a good video or even reading topics in this regard .. anything &
      everything which will make the footage decent at a really really tight
      budget .. πŸ™‚ .. i know media people dont like to work on a budget of
      this scale but cant help it right now .. any help from u guys will be
      appreciated ..


      ps: whats the best way to manage sound in case of a 2cam or 3cam
      interview(2 people) .. as in should the cams capture the sound from
      2 mics & mux it & then input them into all cams? i know it might sound
      silly but we dont really have the time nor people to sync all the tapes
      at a later stages .. what is the best recommendation here ?

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