How Would you Build Your Editing Suite #2 – Same situation different case.

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      Hi there guys,

      I have just finished my FCP intro-course and have bought a laptop, camera, and software. I want to get very serious to make my just started editing profession as a full time job and part time by now.Be aware I am a beginner on your editing world. Apologise for my not well terminology.

      I want to set my home based semi-professional NLE suite that can be used for editing weddings, personalized videos, television quality products, and authoring internet material. I have a budget of $4000 to complete the suite but I do not mind extend it if its necessary. Budget only for the camera would be $3500.

      Could you please help me to continue setting up my video editing suite starting from the point that I already own a 17 MacBook Pro 2.5GHZ, 4Gb Ram, 320Gb, 5400 rpm, Final Cut Studio 2, and a Sony handycam HDR-Sr11 60gb HD Camera?


      I want to start making high quality videos of extreme sport events like mountain bike races (Downhill and Cross country), paragliding, skate board, wake board, motorbike sports (Enduro). I am a competitor of downhill/X-country at an expert level (for 12 years) and Enduro-Motor biking. I have also done paragliding for 12 years. I want to shoot and edit weddings, parties or small conferences and only edit broadcast. To be more specific, I want to go to the motorbike or mountain bike event and shoot from the ground with a good camera (non-professional) for it and then edit and make a summary of the documentary/summary of the event and burn it on a DVD (currently, most commercial format). Occasionally Ill use helmet cameras to record the tracks (while riding). I also want to go to the wedding shoot on the most popular resolution for weddings (I suppose these are HD or SD) then edit it and create a professional looking product for the client.

      What is the most popular and best final product that I should create/burn? A DVD, Blue-ray, Tape, VCR? for Weddings? What about for extreme sports?

      What digital video format should I use at recording? HD, SD. I have got the impression that SD would be good for broadcast, weddings and HD for sports and also have DVDs as final product.


      I have already discovered that my consumer camcorder (Sony HDR-sr11) records on a HDD (Hard Drive Disk) in a particular video clip format that does not allow me to capture the video clips from Final Cut Pro FCP. I have been capturing with iMovie and then dragging the clips onto FCP. I remember my FCP teacher said something about that less-compressed video like MiniDV has better resolution than compressed video like HDD which is full-compressed video.

      I know that I Video editing suite needs.
      1- A source device
      2- A computer, I have already got and want to keep.
      3- A video capture device
      4- Connecting leads
      5- Software, I have got and want to keep.
      6- A video Monitor.

      Considering that I want to keep the laptop, buy a better and proper semi-pro camera. What is the right equipment that you would suggest to me?

      How would you fill the blanks below? would you please be as much specific as you can with(Brand, Ref). Dont worry about suppliers I have to find the best deal from Australia.

      Source Device:

      This is a device that records digital video and is compatible with my Mac, FCP, later for Vegas and a PC as well.

      A video capture device:

      The guy in the store suggest to me, HVRA 1P
      What sort of camera should I buy? a Sony HDRHC9 to connect to an external helmet camera and use in a hard case/backpack?
      I have seen a Sony playback recorder HVR-M15U. Can I transfer from the SonyHDR-sr11 HDD to a MiniDv tape and then plug this recorder to the Mac and therefore capture from FCP.

      Connection Leads:

      Software: Final Cut Studio, I am intending buy Vegas.

      A video Monitor:

      2 or only 1 LCD screen? 24 OR 30? Dell, Hanns?
      Television video Monitor for broadcast?

      Audio Monitor:

      I am intending buy the Edirol MA15D. $120 What do you think? Good enough?


      Is there a diagram of how to connect/Link devices in between them?
      How would you set your screen view template with FCP? For HD editing, Browser in laptop screen, video clip and time frame en second external LCD screen and Canvas in the third external LCD screen?

      I really appreciated your help, time and interest giving me your worthy answers.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      DVD is what wedding folks will want. I’m not sure you’ll move enough with the other videos to justify it but you can one off em as they are ordered to feel this out. My thinking is a web show would do ya better and you could aquire more sponsors this way.
      I see no reason to go HD yet unless you can leverage that selling point to increase your wedding package prices.
      As far as hardware, just grab what ya need as ya need it. Your needs will grow and because you went with FCP, your suite can grow with those needs, as opposed to having to buy it and build it in the beginning. You can learn as you go as well. Getting in over your head (and aquiring too big of an overhead) can make this not fun when not booked. Right now, I’d say play out of your camera via firewire and upgrade to an uncompressed HD card when ya need to.
      If it helps at all, here is my motorsports sponsor page:
      and this is my edit suite:

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