How would these two cameras compare? Used for one project

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      Right now im shooting with a vx2000, im looking for a smaller cam to go wtih me on more shoots that i dont want to carry my other cam with me to. Im looking towards the Sony DCR-PC1000, My question is will there big a huge noticable difference between the two shots if im going to use them on the same project. This would highly effect my desicion as im looking to act on this summer time 06 and then buy another camera probably a vx2100 winter or spring of 07. Im just looking for a group that willl compliment and work well together as i know quality matters.

      thanks for the support thus far.


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      Hank is right.
      You can’t compare a VX to anything.

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      When did they stop making the VX2100? Are they going to replace it with something? I’ve been thinking about getting one myself in the near future. I just need to know if I should wait a bit longer and get the replacement model that they’ll have, or just get the 2100 from wherever I can.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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