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I was wondering what would be the best way to achieve this video effect?

I wanted to try and do this in a music video and wanted to know if its more post work or work done during the actual shoot?


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Looks to me like it's a loop, composited over the background picture. Very unlikely that was done live; the ball bounces never denigrate. I imagine it was done in After Effects. Just a guess though.



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It could be done either way. My best guess is that it was done with a 3D program. Each ball only casts one shadow despite mutiple light sources. There are a lot of programs out there, whether they can all achieve this effect I can't tell you. Hash's Animation Master can combine 3D elements with a live action plate, even adding shadows. At$300 it's reasonably priced (I have seen older versions sell at Frys Electronics for less, a subscriptinon, good for a year, is $79). You could do it live by shooting a background plate (loop it to avoid having to matte the balls in front of the passing cars) then bounce a ball once and repeat the process twenty four times in locations where they won't bounce in front of each other or you'll have to matte them when they do. In post separate each ball (a simple square to cover the area where the ball bounces will do) and reverse the footage after each bounce to create a loop. Purina made cats dance by doing something similar 30 years ago. Matte the twenty four balls in front of your background plate and you're done. Time consuming, but so is 3D. Good luck.

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I think it's a loop as well. You can search around for this effect on royalty free websites.

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a long winded thing to produce, but I too agree - it's just lots of loops composited together.