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      I enjoy reading the different topics within this forum. And look for the new adds (topis and responses)to see if they have anything I may be interested in or could help to respond to. My “problem” is that most times if I am away for more then a few days I will miss something when there is more than 30ish topics started or responded to.

      Other than opening each primary subject to see if there are “new” posts is there a way to use the search feature to show mea list of topics started/responded to in a chosen time period?

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      This is a good question.What I’ve found that worked for me is that if I go to the Community/Forum page and go all the way to the bottom, the newest posts are there under the heading “Latest Discussions.” The ones in bold are the ones I haven’t read yet, from what I can tell (and after I’ve looked at them, they’re no longer bold, until a new post is in there that I haven’t read). It also tells how many posts have been made under that topic, who the most recent poster is, and how recent the latest post is. Try that. I just made it one of my Internet Explorer tabs so it loads every time I’m online. Easy to check that way, and fun. Good luck.

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      Appologies, that was what I was refering to when I stated “I will miss something when there is more than 30ish topics started or responded to.”

      It only allows the last thirty or so most recent posts and if there were an active couple of days with more then thethirty,those first ones fall off the list.

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      I know what you are saying.Sometimes work gets in the way and I don’t have time to get on for a few days.

      Maybe they could add a link at the bottom of the most recent for additional posts.

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      Yeah, that’s a good point about the topic listing. I would surmise that it’s primarily a ‘space’ issue keeping only 30 topics up at a time. I’ll pass the word on and see what’s up. Speaking of posts, did you guys see the short film I posted in The
      Ultimate Hard/Soft Sell
      ? Awesome cartoon with that same ‘WTHDTCMF?’ feel to it like “From Dusk ’til Dawn”. Be advised though, there’s some ‘tart’ language and it’s violent but it’s funny at the same time.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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