How to shoot three person interview?

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      I came to video production just recently and my main area is shooting events and possibly documentary. In two weeks I am flying to London to shoot interview of three persons. I have read several articles explaining setup for lights and camera, but only for one or two people. Does anyone have good suggestion how to setup interview of three people? I have two cameras with tripod, three lights: one with umbrella, one soft light /Rifa/ and one is pro-light. How to arrange people and lights with this limited equipment – I cannot take more on the board of the airplaine. Thank you for any possible advices or hints.

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      Why does it have to be 3 people being interviewed? You can’t do one at a time?

      If you are stuck interviewing 3 people at a time, I would stillimplement3-point lighting. I would then use one camera as a while shot and use a second as a close up camera that will often being changing it’s aim to whoever is talking. Make sense?

      As for arranging the people, where will you be shooting the interviews? If it’s in a big empty boring room, your set up might be kinda boring; probably just everyone sitting side-by-side.

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      I would line all the talent up side by side, keep them close

      Light the same as 1 or 2 people – making sure that the people on either end can turn their head to the other w/o shadows on their face.

      Because I’m always by myself, I set camera 2 to capture all the body movements or, when I have seniors who don’t squiggle much, I get the head and torso (rather than whole body) because seniors have great facial expressions. Also, with Camera 2, I have mic’d for backup sound in case Camera 1 sound, boom or wireless, misses a spot. While I’m at it, I tape in HD and I’ve found that when my project is not HD I can zoom in a bit too on the footage of both cameras. I stand behind Camera 1 with my headphones on and zoom in on the active speaker.

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      Hey guys,

      thank you so much for you tips. I definitely will stand all the time behind the main camera to get nice shots of speaking person or even ones who are listening. To line them all side by side seems to me as the easiest setup especially for lights. I will have to give them instruction though how to move their heads during interview. I know these guys who are speaking and they make gestures quite a lot. But I will switch shots of their faces with shots of the body movement so it is not boring.

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      Hi Peterson, can you send me a message? Are You from Slovakia?

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