How to shoot projected screen + actor (and its silhouette) at the same time?

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      Hi everyone I am new here, I been thinking the below problem for a long time and still got no solution and hoping that I could get an answer from you guys!

      I am going to shoot a short film, and many of the crucial scenes includes theshooting of the silhouette of the actor being projected on a wall, and that projector is playing a particular video content (connected to a DVD player), but I also want to shoot the body of the actor as well. So it means I need to shoot the actor, itssilhouette on the projected wall, and the projected video, at the same time.

      What are the possible way to shoot this? Cos when I play the projector for the projected video and the silhouettethe lighting condition has to be dimmed, but then when it is too dimmed I cannot shoot the body of the actor….

      I hope I am explanining the situation well enough and really look forward to your solutions =)

      THANKS A LOT!!!

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      I don’t quite understand what you want to do. By the actor silhouette you referred to its shadow projected in the wall, right? I picture the scene like this; the actor is standing in front of the projector blocking part of the video, but at the same time you can see the shadow in the wall and the silhouette of him. Please correct me if I misunderstood.

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      You have to make descisions here…

      trying to get it all in camera requires lighting control.

      can you light your talent and control lightspill to prevent light from hitting other areas in your scene AND is your projector powerful enough to project it’s image at your background and contrasty enough to keep the shadows black? if so you need to meter the lighs with a handheld meter and balance them accordingly.

      or else you’re looking at compositing everything in post…. shooting everything separately green screening if needed…

      here is an example of a composit photo where a still life was shot using a video projector to add the background:

      and another where it was shot infront of a greenscreen: the lighting technique is the same for video, so it’s doable.

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      HiSargeHero yes you got my idea

      heyD0n thanks for your advice, I will do some testing to check

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      If you know how to use After Effects you can try something similar to this video. In your case you will need to move the shadow around so you can see it in the wall.

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