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      My firm has produced several DVDs pertaining to our specific business (aviation). We currently sell these DVDs on EBay, and Amazon, etc. But we would like to be able to have customers view just the segments they want to see and pay us via Paypal. Anyone know of a way of doing this? Software..? Suggestions. Thanks,

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      I was waiting for someone in the know to respond here, but since not … did a Google search for “create pay per view videos” and got these links: Sparkeo, Voped, and StreamingVideoProvider – didn’t research them completely but I’m going back to check their services out further as potential solutions for MY video productions. But if you want to delve into them now, and the other listings there, here’s a possible place to start.

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      My brother in law is a health & fitness guru in California. On his site he is composing a set of pay per view videos produced by his on-staff A/V guy. I’ll check into how he’s doing it and post up. Nice thought for many people.

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      I have a client who is using Mindbytes

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      Thanks for these leads… I am going to start looking into this and will post back what I find. We are starting a brand new video production very soon and it would be really great to test the waters with this new title.


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      I’ve been doing some research in self-publishing and it appears that a number of web based self-publishing sites like might offer download options for DVD/CD content. Haven’t looked into pay-per-download or view there or the other related sites that popped up during a recent Google search, but seems I saw something pertaining to that somewhere on Lulu and a couple of others I was perusing.

      I forgot to mention also and I also noticed

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      I too am interested in finding out how to sell my tutorial airbrush videos online and can’t find a solution to doing so.

      I am looking for a setup such as Videomaker uses such as this one–>

      Digital Downloads

      I’d like to implement a simple Paypal approach just as Videomaker does…………does anyone know how this is done?

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      Maybe just go all wikileaks on it with free downloads but with military grade encryption…

      then sell the encryption key?

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      Paypal gives you the option to send your buyer to a website after they pay for the product. If you set up a website with allows you to make a free website with a password protection. If you set up a website for the customer to buy the “video” then put a paypal button on it, paypal will send the customer to the password protected website after they check out.

      Go to to see how it works!

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      I set up a WordPress site to promote the video content. Then, I use (WMM) to process the order using the gateway. Once Paypal recognizes the payment, they send the info to WMM and an email is automatically sent to the customer with instructions on how to access the video content.

      Check out for an example.)

      In most cases, it’s a link to a website where they can view or download the content within 24 hours. After the 24 hour period, they have to contact me again to request download information which keeps them from sharing the link to everyone they know.

      There are ways to make the system a lot more secure but I’ve found the more you try to protect it, the more it costs to have the proper software solution in place.

      Another option I plan on trying soon is to create a WP membership site and simply sell short term memberships to access video content. You pay for the 2 day membership or whatever, and once it’s done, your membership expires along with your password. Some of my clients have expressed an interest in putting together a similar model so I’ll probably know more about how this works in a few months.



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