How to set up a mini video studio/ mics?-Need HELP

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      I’m trying to set up a mini studio to do video interviews in. I want to be able to have 3 people lav miked wirelessly. I have about $800-$1000 in budget.

      I don’t really know the steps to hook it up either,

      Mics, Receiver, Mixer, then into my video camera?

      Please if you know, can you give me the step by step to get this done.


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      I hope that budget is just for the wireless rigs/mics and not cameras and lights as well.

      First, do not mix live. If you do and later find that the volume of one rig was set too low – what do you do? You can rollercoaster the rubberbands, but that will increase the ambient as they rise and decrease as they lower, so this is not really an acceptable solution. And what if there is some other glitch on one of the channels? Once you mix them together, all three sources are contaminated.

      No, you want to mix in post where you have full control over each audio track. This means running one mic to one channel, the second mic to a second channel (you may need an adapter like a Beachtek) and the third to a second camera. (Surely you’ll have at least two or three cameras?).

      But there is another way to go – one that may give your budget lots of relief. You can use wired lavs. Think about it – your subjects are seated, they’re not going anywhere. Wireless lavs have wires running under shirts, coats, etc. to the transmitters. Why not just run wires to a digital recorder or hidden video camera? If a video camera, it could be an older one or even one that does poor video, but decent audio, since you won’t be using its video.

      Whatever you do – mix in post, don’t mix live. There is not one single advantage to live mixing (unless you’re live broadcasting) and millions of advantages to mixing in post.

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      Thanks. And yes the budget is only for the mics.

      Say I use wired mics, what is the best steps to get into the computer? If I have 3 different channels going, do I need 3 different receivers then hook them to a mixer and then to the camera?

      Can you recommend any models?

      Thank you

Viewing 2 reply threads
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