How to pull off this effect in vegas???

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      I would like to know how to pull of a text coloring using an ink spatter.(Text on track 1 and ink flow video on track 2).just like below in vegas. I tried the compositting modes and the difference squared is like what i want. But the text must be the same color as the paint or ink not the difference color.

      The effect is like this

      Youtube link

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      There are undoubtedly other ways to do this but if I had the problem I’d create the ink splash in PaintShop Pro or Photoshop with a transparent background; bring it into Vegas put it onto a track above the text track and animate it using Track Motion and key frames.


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      The paint splash is not an image but a clip .it is automatically animated and it got transparency(alpha channel). I don’t need to animate it using track motion . This is not the problem.

      The problem is when i put this layer on top of the text layer what i see is the color of the paint . Not the text beeing colorized. What i want is, as the paint touches and moves through the text, text must colorize accordingly and must retain color after paint passes by.

      I could accomplish the first part ie the text colorizing( but not retaining color )through the difference squared compositting mode applied to the fist track(which is the ink spatter movie clip). But here the color to the text would be the difference color. ie Red if the paint is blue. What i want is the same color to the text.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Aswin, the animation you want to do is mostly done in Adobe After Effects rather than Vegas. In Vegas you could look for a change to color text animation and keyframe the color of the text when the ink is covering the text, then leave the final keyframe in the color you want. If you see the video carefully that what they did, the ink goes over the text and the text is colorized by itself, not by the ink. The text color animation could go from top to bottom colorizing the text at the same time the ink goes down.

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      why not create a second event of the text at the color you want and wipe it on with a feather edge?

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