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      With a camera such as Canon HF100 that does not have zebra stripes, what is the best way to set manual exposure for outdoor shots to insure you don’t overexpose the image and burn out highlight areas.

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      Look through the viewfinder as opposed to the LCD screen and eyeball it. Just look at people’s skin or whatever you are shooting and judge appropriately. In my opinion, if you have to eyeball it and you are unsure if your shot is over exposed or not, error on the side of over exposing just a bit. It’s easier to lower the exposure in post than it is to try and make an under exposed image look properly exposed.

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      Try to keep the sky out of the shot to. Sometimes the sky will be over exposed while everything else is properly exposed. Or the sky will be properly exposed while everything else is under exposed.

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      I recommend to have a portable light always on in daytime shooting. This way you can set the exposure of the background (sky, windows, etc) without underexpose the portrait. Has your camcorder level histogram? You can have a visual reference of what’s going on in your scene, (just like levels histogram in Photoshop).


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