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      So, my day job has me spending a lot of time in Antarctica and I look around at a lot of the things that are used here and I wonder why the companies who make this stuff don’t play the Antarctic card when they advertise.

      I am here under the auspices of the U.S. Antarctic Program so there may very well be some legalities to sort out but suppose those issues were resolved, how would one go about pitching footage of products in use in the Antarctic back to the companies that make and sell those products.

      Would you go directly to the maker of Brand X and let them know that you have unique footage of their product in use or would you research and try to find out who Brand X’s prefered ad agency is and pitch the footage to the ad agency? Or am I totally off base here?

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      I personally would seek an agent in this category, someone who has connections with not only the various products involved, but with the large, small and boutique ad agencies as well. Someone with a track record.

      I also have a tendency to self-market, and if I took that direction I would create a short demo reel of the products represented by individual manufacturers – ONLY snippets, not the full Monty, and directly contact product/promotional representatives within the respective companies.

      I would not say you are off-base by any means. Great ideas won’t work unless you do, and innovative, guerrilla marketing strategies are what seem to catch the eyeballs in today’s dynamic market – economic downturn or no.

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      What Earl said.

      Also, before you go off half-cocked research who would own the rights to the footage you shoot. In the contract you signed, there may be a nasty little section of fine print that stipulates the people you work for own the images and footage shot on that preserve. Many a good idea has been lost because of someone not checking for fine print. If you don’t see anything in the contract that says you can’t market the things you’ve shot commercially, then only use your own gear for the effort. If you use company gear, they may claim rights and will probably win.

      I tried for years to get that gig when I was in the service. Though I don’t envy you the joys of overwintering, there is no excuse for not getting some damn fine imagery out there!

      Best of luck.

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      Earl…thanks for that

      composite1…I’m not here as a videographer…any shooting I do is with my own equipment and on my own time…You are, however, correct that there is very possibly some sort of clause that would prohibit me marketing footage commercially without the approval of both my employer and the National Science Foundation and I am currently looking into that. I do know that several people who come down sell their still photographs….but they’re selling them to individuals and so don’t draw a great deal of attention to themselves in the process…and while I suppose a good lawyer could use that sort of thing as evidence that a precedent has been set, I simply don’t have the energy or the will to fight anything out legally so I will take your advice and do my homework first and get the prior permissions as required….my question assumes that all of the legalities have been sorted…how, then, to most effectively pitch footage to commercial entities.

      I’m on my 2nd winter over now(last winter at Pole, this winter at Palmer)….it may be hard to believe, but there are many aspects of it that are enviable.

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      Sir, above and beyond any product use/endorsement footage you might “monetize” during this awesome experience, you MOST DEFINITELY have the opportunity to independently produce one fantastic documentary. While OTHERS have done this from time-to-time, you have your own unique experience, perspective and focus, even creative imagination or deep personal interest to make a wonderful independent video production. THAT my friend, is also marketable, and there are a few links mentioned in my most recent blog article at E.C. Come, E.C. Go that could give you a start in producing, marketing and distribution of an independent production.

      Good luck, whatever direction(s) you take.

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