How to mic a boxing ring for sound?

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      What is the best way to mic a boxing ring. You need to be able to hear the slams, punches, and kicks. What type of mic would work best and in what location?

      Also, if you are going to have live commentators (but the production is not live) what is the best way to record them so that you can put it over the video track later? What should I use to record their audio into?


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      I was thinking about putting a wireless shotgun mic on the corner of the ring pointing in. Any thoughts?

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      I’ve never miked a boxing ring before, but a couple of good directional shotgun mics should work fine. One on each side, or one on each corner, or something like should pick all the action up fine. You might want to put one up higher, and the other closer to the floor of the ring, to pick up the falls, etc.


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      good shotguns on the corner posts, you could mic the commentators and record them on a digital recorder, but you may face sync problems over long durations.


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      I think I am just going to record the commentary afterwards. Thanks for the input guys.

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      Here is my suggestion. I used to go to alot of wrestling matches. I also used to watch alot of wrestling on TV.

      What you see and hear on TV is NOT what you see and hear in person.

      I have sat at ringside and could barely hear them being slammed on the matte. but when I watched it back on TV it sounded like they added the audio in post. which obviously didn’t happen.

      I would call the local auditorium and find out how they mic the ring. Many times they use the event staff at the auditoriums to set the shows up. They would definitely know.

      My friend whom is a WWE farm-league wrestler (NWA wildside) said they put the mics under the ring then obviously on the cameras.

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      Re: mics under matt

      This would work great for the slams but do NOTHING for the kicks and punches unfortunately.

      I was the Supervising Sound Mixer on the Tough Enough I (MTV) with WWF. We would just use a long shotgun from the ropes (like the Sennheiser MKH70) or even a shorter mic like the MKH60 or the MKH416. It needs to be pretty close to work if their is lots of music and announcing. We also experimented with PZM (boundary) mics planted overhead. One right in the middle of the ring worked pretty well but again bleed from the environment has a lot to do with your success with any solution.

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