How to merge two projects in PP2 ?

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      Hi all,

      I made a project A in Premiere Pro 2.

      I made a project B in Premiere Pro 2 as well.

      Now, I need to take A and put it at the end of B.

      I did rendered A and exported it in AVI file which I import in my B project, but soundwise, there is some distortion…

      Could I save my project A in a form of sequence and import this sequence in my project B ?

      Any input will be appreciated!

      Thank you!

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      Well, before rendering the file, I went thru my whole project and use the "Audio Gain" function to stabilize or normalize the sound…


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      you could also just merge the timelines. this way you dont have to worry about any audio distortion created by creating an avi. im assuming that you created these 2 projects seperately? as in having 2 seperate projects that you can choose from on start-up.

      to merge the timelines you need to
      1)create a new project
      2)import everything from both projects(timelines, footage,and everything else)
      3)take project "B" timeline and put it down on the timeline
      4)also take project "A" and put it on the timeline
      you should now have 2 timeliines that you can toggle between
      now all you need to do is lasso everything in "A"
      copy that data
      right click on "B" where you want the footage to go and select "paste"[/list]

Viewing 2 reply threads
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