How to make zoom to texts like this video?

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      Hi, I would like to create the exact same effect as the following video, can anybody teach me or send me a tutorial how?

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      Well it depends for me what NLE you are using. I use Vegas Pro 9 I could probably help you with that then some.


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      you’d want to use After Effects or Motion if you have Final Cut Studio.

      These programs give you a “virtual camera” to play with and they also allow for moving objects forward and backward.

      Look up “After Effects 3D camera” or something like that on youtube

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      hop into after effects.

      create a new text layer

      type your text.

      set keyframes for your first position, scale, position, rotation, camera, ect.

      set keyframes for your second position.


      you can add motion blur and all the effects you like pretty quickly and easily. There are several sources for AE tutorials oif you need em. A quick search will send ya to many resources or you can ask specific Qs here. If you like, you can pick apart my reel and ask how I did what:’s almost all AE. What isn’t (the 3D stuff and the claymation) is pretty obvious.

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