How to make Thumbnails for video?

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      In growing popularity of distributing video through the Internet, it becomes more and more popular to publish video on personal web pages.

      At that many problems often occur which format to use – video or codec; how to add video to html page etc.

      Moreover, sometimes it needs to make Thumbnails for video, so that it could be possible to demonstrate video if it isnt loaded.

      How to create Thumbnails for video in a better way?

      Of course, there are many programs, including free ones for that purpose. Another simple way is to make screenshot with Print Screen (if only Windows Media Player isnt used), Copy Paste it to Paint and thats all!

      And what if you need to make more then 1 Thumbnail? How to do that simply and quickly?

      For that I use VideoCharge. It isnt Free, but for such tasks I think is the best program for today!

      1. It helps to specify frames and make Thumbnails, using them.
      2. It enables to make any number of Thumbnails automatically, i.e. – for example you need to process 100 files, VideoCharge will process them and create Thumbnails for every one, using first or specified frame.
      3. Enables to extract frames from video and make graphical files from them that is for those who wants to make image gallery from video.
      4. Has FTP that uploads files to server.
      5. Has flexible adjustment for names of produced files. Its very handy to put files in folders and name them.

      And these are only few features helping me to live, but there are a lot of useful ones there!
      Hope it will help somebody!

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      Power DVD can capture any frame and works well.

      Power DVD capture

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