How to make movie – dvd for European system

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      Hello, I edit a movie with Pinnacle Version 15, I want make a dvd for European system I don’t know how. thanks

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      If you want the absolute best quality, export your video out to tape. Take it to a post house that has a Terenex and have them do the conversion. You can have them transfer it to new tape (but you’ll need your own PAL equipment to ingest it into your computer), or you can maybe send them a hard drive that they can load a file onto.

      If you don’t want to go that route, you’ll need some Compression software to do the conversion. A PAL DVD is 720X576 @ 25p or 50i

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      Most modern comsumer electronicssuch asDVD PlayersTV receivers/monitors and VCR’s are manufactured as multi system units. In other words no matter what the incoming signal NTSC, the multiple variations of PAL or SECAM the unit automaticallydetects and playsback. These type of consumer electronics will have the words “Multi System” listed in the consumer instruction book specifications. Perhaps that information may negate any problems of you sending an NTSC DVD to a PAL or SECAM European country.

      Feel sure HDD video cameras will be multi system soon, as such technology means cheaper productsbecause manufacturers do not not have to re-jig a production line to accomodate a production run for every different country system.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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