How to make Blu-ray disk using Adobe Encore?

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      I captured HD 1080i footage from Sony FX1000, used Abobe Premier Pro to edit it and Adobe Encore to authorise disk. First I produced DVDandits quality wasvery good. Then:

      1)I imported timeline from PP into Encore using Adobe Dynamic link (same step as for DVD).

      2)I selected “blu-ray” in Encore “built” window and createdBluRay Disk image. To my surprise, the size of BD image was only 2.2 times larger (10.1GB vs 4.5GB) then the size of DVD image (I expected ~5x difference). However, I did not find any knobs in Encore to change the size/quality.

      3) I burned image onto Panasonic BD-R media using Power2Go software and LG GGW-H20L writer.

      4) Watched it using Sony BDP-S360 BR player and SONY HD projector connected through HDMI.

      It worked! – but: the quality of BD picture was not better (maybe -even worse) than the quality of DVD picture.

      Player and projector work O.K. becasue they show amaizing picture from Hollywood BluRay discs.

      My questions are:

      1)Why I do not see quality improvement on my BD compared to DVD?

      2) Why this disk is recognizedonly by 2 out of5 BluRay players that I have tryed?

      Than you in advance,


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      Are you sure your original settings in PP were at full HD? Sounds like your frame is too small…

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