How to make an 85min horror film for a 100 pounds!

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      I’ve just finished authoring to DVD, a full length feature film that I made for a 100 pounds! If you would like any free help, advice or have any further questions in regards to how I achieved this, including any pre-production or post production problems, email me at:

      but please subscribe to my films via youtube, if you find any of my advice useful!

      See the trailer:

      See an extract:

      My full channel can be found at the link below and features making of documentaries, etc.

      Cheers, Pete Middleton – Director

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      Nice trailer. I’m just curious as to know how you accomplished some of the stuns like someone getting hit by a car, etc… and also I believe I saw the windows on the car being smashed, how did you manage to do this within a 100 pound budget?

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      I didn’t look but sometimes they buy a car that’s completely smashed on the right sidefor 50 quid then film it from the left side as they finish it off

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      Nice trailer. Horror usually isn’t my thing, but it’s amazing if it only cost 100 pounds. Of course, today in US dollars isn’t that like $100,000.

      or $200 I guess.



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      was the window thing with a seperate car doo, or something?

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