How to make a rope disappear ?

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      There is a scene in my movie that the main character falls from heaven to hell and I want to make him appear that he falling from a precipice. Of course I cannot ask the talent to jump down a mountain but I have a few ideas to create this effect. I think that if I use a rope attach to the talent, lifting him a few feet and then putting a greenscreen all around him. But the thing is, how do I hide the rope? I thought of using After Effect to mask out the rope but this will be tedious and time consuming. Another thing I thought is putting some greenscreen cloth in the rope and then chroma keying all out. If you have any suggestion let me know.

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      I did it. I experiment with a lightbolt with a cable, I mask the cable and it dissapear. Is not hard but the masking is a lot of work.The chroma keying must be perfect so the wire blend with the keying. That for the wire but the talent will be wearing rappelling gear and that like a giant pamper of a lot of ropes, how do I remove that? It cannot be done with masking because what its mask will become part of the background when the chroma keying is done. Is there a trick to remove the rappelling gear?

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      Paint the rope green

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      Like the paint it green I was thinking make a sheath to slide over the rope with a piece material that matches the green screen.

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