How To Make a DVD Using Avid Adrennaline and Media Composer

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      This question is going to show my inexperience.

      We produced a 15 minute video on our Avid Adrennaline (PC) using Media Composer. After production was complete we outputted to tape (DVCPro) and made our customer a VHS. He then asked for us to make several copies on DVD.

      The quality of DVD we produced, using the Adrennaline/Media Composer, wasn’t any better than the VHS. In fact it was worse! As our subject moved we noticed, for lack of a better word, jittering, when he moved from left to right it appeared that the video was catching up to him. Additionally several skips were noticed.

      We first exported the sequence and it was converted to a Quick Time .mov. Then, I believe, my new tech converted the .mov to a mpeg2, using Discreet XL, which was then burned to a DVD on a Sony DRU530A.

      What we did next was a work-around. We fed the video on the DVCPro master into a stand-alone Panasonic VHS player to DVD recorder. This produced a quality as good as the DVCPro master. We then took the DVD master back to the Adrennaline (not using media composer) and made several copies by doing a disk copy. The burning software we have on this unit is a version of Roxio EZ CD/DVD Creator.

      We satisfied our customer but my tech and I are not satisfied. He did some research and found that you can’t go direct from Media Composer to a DVD without all this conversion and with it a loss in quality.

      Are we doing something wrong? Can you go from Media Composer to mpeg2 without the export to Quick Time? Am I missing something?

      Any help/enlightenment will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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