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      Can someone explain the step-by-step for inserting photos into a Premiere Elements 3.0 Project?

      I’ve been out of the editing loop for 3+ yrs having worked in the past on a Matrox RT2500/Premiere 6.0 system. Back then, I would first open the picture in Photoshop, change the size (often requiring adding a layered background as a ‘template’ for the correct size), then import into project.

      Just curious what the best technique is for this.
      Since my old Matrox system has died, I will be using Elements 3.0 and Photoshop 5.0. Need to get a ‘Life Video’ project done for my son in 1 month.



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      First off, don’t use JPEG. Premiere doesn’t like ANY compressed format, I use targa but any uncompressed format will work.

      I don’t know the workings of Premiere Elements but I can import pics just like any video clip with V6.5. Drag and drop to the timeline I would image. I’m sure someone will come along and correct me.

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