how to Import Quicktime Mpeg-2 to Premiere Pro CS4

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      Need some help

      I am using GY HM700 the footage is MPEG-2 (MOV) when I am trying to import files to the Editing software I am getting the error message that the codex is not supported L

      What is the best solution sine in Adobe website it is written that MPEG-2 files are supported


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      What version of Adobe Premiere Elements/Pro version are you using, with possible contrary toa newer versionyou researched online? Theoldest version of Premiere that I know of which supports MPEG-2 is version 6.x. You should also check your help file for the support of editing MPEG-2.

      BTW, what do you mean by importing “Quicktime MPEG-2 files”, as the title of the thread states? If the format is MPEG-2, then it is a DVD-based video codec that is commonly used with HDD (hard disk drive) and solid state memory camcorders. If the format is Quicktime, then it is an Apple MPEG-4 format. I doubt their is a video encoding system for merging the two formats together.

      If your version of Adobe is supposed to support the format, then I’d consider re-installing the program.

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      Hi !

      Maybe that link can help:

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