How to i create Computer Software for my movies?

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      In the big budget movies I always see a laptop reading “Cloning Complete in…” with a loading bar next to it and all these fancy numbers by it. Of course no such real pc software exists, but they made it for the movie. Does anyone know where you could maybe get free downloads of pc software downloads for movies? Something were maybe all you had to do is enter a few empty boxs and check off wither or not you loading bar or something. Does such thing exist? Or do I need to create my own software from the ground up?

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      Youcan alwaysdownloadall typesof free-ware andusetheinstallers asthe “program”but that might look a little obvious (atleast forsome ofthe more normalinstallers).I’m sure therearesome programs to mimic “important”things on acomputer screen.

      Another alternative istolearn somethinglike Visual Basic.It’spretty simple and you drag/drop buttonsand stuff when you write your code. Youwillhavetobuy it, but once youlearn it youcan easilymake stuff justthe way you want.

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      You want an animated onscreen graphic that can simulate a program copying?

      Most onscreen graphics for film and television are created in programs like after effects, combustion, and Motion.

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      Yes, Mr. jerronsmith is correct. The “programs” used in movies aren’t programs at all. They are just a series of complex animations, that give the illusion of a program running its command. I think it would just be easier to create an after effectsanimation instead of creating your own computer program. You can also try searching for an animation on that simulates what you are looking for.try searching for “computer program animation”or “computer loading” or something like that.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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