How to give a bald Impression

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      I’m hoping someone could give me an idea. I have a shoot coming upfor a production. the script calls for the talent who was recently diagnosed withe cancer to look into the mirror and notice her hair has fallen out. The problem: our talent would rather not shave off her hair ( we don’t pay that much) How would you shoot the scene? Thank you in advance for your input.

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      Perhaps instead of showing a bald spot you could find a wig that has the same color of hair or close as your actor. then cut some hair of the wig place it in the actors own hair, then while they are looking in the mirror they run thier fingers through thier hair. They look into thier hand a big glob of hair came out of thier head. Just a suggestion

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      A theater supply shop should have a bald cap which you place over your hair. You’ve got to use makeup, and maybe nose putty, to hide the edge of the cap. (But Daryl’s suggestion sounds easier.)

      Good luck,

      Ken Hull

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      i’ll give it a try

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