How to get the best out of Ustream?

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      I am trying to use my Canon EOS T2i as a webcam so I can start doing small live web streams of various activities: (LED lights & Light Shows *youtube light show if you don’t know*)

      I’ve tried using this technique:

      But, there was way too much chop in the frame rate.

      Im also trying to use as my host.
      I have various computers to work from Mac&PC.

      What I am looking for is:
      Technical specs that are best for live webstreaming for both Camera & Computer system
      Recommended Software & Software settings
      Recommended Techniques (HDMI vs USB?/Wireless Possiblity?/Etc…)

      Also I would like to know if its possible to make the camera wireless?
      I’ve used:

      To attempt to make it wireless. Works but ALOT of chop in the video quality and Lag using the Streaming technique above.

      If you need to know my computer specs. I’ll be happy to post those if requested

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