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      OK, I know some of the answers, but I’m bringing this up to simplify the process for the newbie.

      How do I get my production company started? What are the "must haves?" What do I use to film? To edit? To render? To capture?

      Take this one where ever you want it to go. But I want to keep it sorta simple. Maybe each of you can put in a step with your own higher level of expertise. I hope we don’t skip the steps, put them out of order or anything. But there needs to be a clear concise plan for newcomers to follow. I will sort of try to start this.

      STEP 1

      DECIDE: Do you want to film weddings? Do you want to film events? What is going on in your area that might provide a market for what you plan to do?

      :: Answers:: Weddings, sporting events (high school, college games), graduation parties, orchestra performances, mud wrestling (chicks), etc.

      STEP 2

      Names, Logos, company info: What do you want to call your company? Use Photoshop to make a little logo or trademark. Where/how do you actually brand/register your company with the state, government, etc.???? Anyone with more steps, ideas? What programs are needed to do this? – OPEN for comments –

      STEP 3

      WEBSITE: Can you use your company name in an original website? Then go to to pay to register the name. You will then need hosting. Try liquidweb or Compusolver’s webhosting (a member of this forum). You will pay a fee to host your website per month. You may pay extra for the amount of bandwidth useage (how many people view your videos, etc.) – OPEN – You could use a program called FlashMx for your videos, promos, banners, effects, etc. Again, – OPEN TO ALL HERE –

      STEP 4

      EQUIPMENT: Deciding on a camera. What type of lighting will you need to either have, or provide yourself? Do you need a light kit for interviewing perposes? What kind of cam light is best? Which miniDV’s are the best to buy? Which are cheapest/best quality? Lav mic? Boom Mics? Iriver to capture sound from the DJ booth? Two cams?

      STEP 5

      PERSONEL: Should you hire extra help to man the other camera? Can you do it alone? How much should pay someone to simply come in and only film the wide angle? What is a good number of extra hands to help in your production? How much do you pay someone to film the entire event?

      STEP 6

      EDITING: What programs work the best for what you are filming and the effects you are trying to do? What is after effects? Can you do voice overs? Can you edit the sound or songs playing? What programs do you need for sound as a beginnger? What special programs do you need for adding words / credits to your video? I have Premiere Pro, is that a one stop for all of my needs?

      STEP 7

      YOUR PORTFOLIO: Where to host? Keep demos on hand? Do I need to send out demos? Do I need a release to use a wedding as a demo? How do I include that in the contract?

      STEP 8

      MARKETING: How do I market my work/ company?

      STEP 9

      PRICE: What is a good way to configure price? How much shouuld I charge just to film? How much do I charge just to edit someone else’s films? How much does a powerpoint presentation with music run? How much do I charge for a slide show to music?

      STEP 10

      EXTRAS/ OTHER SERVICES: Since I have this equipment, can I do other things like duplication? What is duplication? Can I put VHS on a DVD? What do I need? Can I put your wedding film in a QUICK TIME format? How much does that go for?

      ETC. ETC, ETC. ,

      I know this site covers all of this scattered in a kinds of places, but I wanted this thread to keep it all in one place with the ability to scroll through the elaborations. I know the steps might be out of order – so post the right order! That could be step 1!

      If you would like to fill in answers, or elaborate, please refer to the appropriate STEP # or continue in order adding your own new STEP # in numerical order for clarity. This is not a place to comment on what I have posted. This is simply a thread for newbies or season pros to find it all in one place. When this is done, hopefully, it can be used as a model business plan for anyone wishing to enter the industry. Eventually, it should be smooth, well thought out, very well elaborated, and easy to use as a reference from all members! Happy postings!

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      The only comment I would say is that for the website, you do NOT need to go to – they charge way too much for a domain (35.00/yr) registration. registers for 8.95/year. I’ve had domains with both and there is no advantage to

      Flash is a great addition to a site – FlashMX is great but can be expensive – a low cost alternative is SwishMax for 99.00. They also have a number of pre-built templates that are pretty cheap that can get you a flash based site up in no time.

      Also, you can use Swish as a titling program
      (No, I do not work for either Godaddy or Swish)

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