How to fix green hue in video taken with night mode in error

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      I used my sony dcr camcorder to tape the kids’ Chrismas program and used night mode in error. now the video is “recolored” – anything black looks green (except for the blackest blacks) and there is now only shades of green – no other color (a little grey and some white). I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio Plat. 9. Is there anything I can do to get the color back into the video.

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      When you use ‘night mode’ all the camera is doing is removing the color info and devoting more emphasis to the luminance and chrominance (light & dark) signals. The ‘green’ color is to make it easier for you to see the differences because the image has so much contrast. So the color info is gone.

      The best you can do is do a color correction (I guess SVMS can do that) and remove the green making it a B&W flick. Otherwise, your Christmas play will be forever ‘Grinch Green’. Next time check your settings before you shoot. Don’t feel bad. Pro’s sometimes make similar mistakes too!

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      Composite – no, the night mode removes the IR filter from the light path to the image sensor. The image is green because the “white” point is shifted way red.

      To the original OP. The only hope you have to save the video is to make it B&W.

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      Actually we’re both right. The Infra-Red filter is removed but the sensors in a camera like his does not record true IR. The sensor does have basic sensitivity to IR light and to takes advantage of it by discarding the chroma signal and emphasizing the luma signal in concert with opening the aperture and lowering the shutter speed. I just didn’t want to blow Cindi’s head up with a high-tech answer.

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      One special video effect that I came across when using Cyberlink PowerDirector is a “Replace Color” effect, which picks allows you to pick a specific color, adjust to a certain amount of “Intensity” (amount of tolerance for replacing slightly different colors), and select a second color as the replacement. This option, or one similar, might be available with your version of Sony Vegas Movie Studio.

      Personally, I’d blank out the color to merely accepting black and white, and then replace a certain shade of gray with a colorto give your video a semi-colorish affect. I’d check your video effects box and play around with it.

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