How to fix a massive audio messup?

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      I was outside doing interviews when I was pulled inside to capture the tosses at a much earlier than scheduled time. In the chaos trying to set up, I failed to change my audio. Usually I leave my 2nd channel set to the internal camera mic in the event I just might forget to change things back to normal, but some reason I must have switched both channels to XLR input 1. I noticed this closer to the bouquet toss (garter toss was first at this wedding). So… I have no audio for the garter toss period.

      Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do here? I will be trimming it up to make it a bit shorter (I just grabbed the entire section here and uploaded it).

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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      If I have absolutely NO ambient (crowd noise, room air taken purposely for background fill) I just take “artistic license” and set the cake, garter and bouquet scenes to music and make it a music montage segment of the production.

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      Thanks Earl.

      I have been trying to go through all my footage from the venue and I can’t really find a quiet moment (or music that matches). I will start looking through past weddings even, and hopefully find something that matches the location, but I am thinking that will be pretty tough.

      I guess I may have to make it a music montage, and I am sure it will probably please the client, but it will surely eat me alive inside! There are many other music montages in my video, so I hope it will not seem overboard.Typically I throw the tosses at the end of just the dance segment which just uses purely the built in Mic for ambient audio. Live and learn!

      Any good music ideas?

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      similar to what Earl said , just edit the particularsegment as a highlightwith free license music..end of problem 🙂

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      That looks like pretty good video, too bad it’s a silent movie. If you have some other wedding with garter toss sound, try taking that sound and use it on this video. Be sure that there are no obvious parts that would identify it as “foreign” sound. But, if you combine it with some of the sound you do have from that venue, it might sound pretty good. I have made exactly that same mistake albeit in a less critical part of the reception and the fix worked.

      To your, and my, advantage, people don’t have very good memories of the details of their weddings.

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      Thanks everyone,

      I just used some music from the other camera from a different part of the night. It worked OK I guess. I realized when I did turn the sound on for the bouquet toss the cheers (besidessome squeals) were pretty drowned out because I had the camera directly in front of the speaker. Too bad my ears didn’t handle it that well… I always bring ear protection, but as you guessed it was 2 floors up on the top tier of the theater!

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      You may want to look at sound effects to add to the music (crowd noises, applause, laughter, etc…).

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      You know Birdcat you are right! There was a ton of sound FX I was able to download free when I upgraded to Vegas Pro 10. Instead of just storing them in a dark area on my hard drive, maybe I should open them to see what is there.

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      Also, this weekend, Digital Juice has their SoundFX 1 library on sale for $125 with free shipping.

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