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      Hi: I have read that you can fit as much as 100-130 minutes of video to DVD-5. I have also read that its more like 60-75 minutes. I understand that in fact, its not a function of time, but of bit size, etc.
      I have done videos in Encore before, but they were under 1 hr feature time.

      My latest project is 100 minutes with simple menus. How can I fit that to DVD-5 using Encore 2.0?

      I am editing in PPro 1.5 and exporting as DV AVI, then assembly & color correction in AE 7.0, where I export as Microsoft DV. But I think this makes my file too big for a DVD-5 using Encore. Is there another codec I should be using along the way?


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      DVDs require all video content to be in the MPEG2 format. If you import a Microsoft DV AVI into Encore, it will tell you it needs transcoding. If you don’t change anything, Encore will use it’s default transcoder settings. Typically, this setting will convert the file to the largest possible size while still allowing it to fit on the disc. 100 minutes shouldn’t be any issue.

      1 thing to consider (which is what I practice religiously). It is highly suggested to be sure that your maximum bitrate does NOT exceed 7MBps. The DVD spec allows up to 8MBps for video but this setting is too high for "burned" DVDs and your disc will most likely skip and freeze. Right click on your video file in Encore and select trancode settings. Make your adjustment there.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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