How to find a qualified snow sports videographer?

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      I am in need of the community’s advice on how tolocate and partner with a experienced and qualified HD videographerwho has the appropriate equipment to work onski slopes and is willing to travel with me to various ski areas to shoot. I’m open to any and all suggestions.



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      Joe, I think I called you Joel on my reply to your message – oops. But be sure to check your messages. While I didn’t have ANY answers for you specifically, I did offer some possibilities to narrow the search and hope some of it will be of use to you. The best of luck in your endeavors – gosh, if only I were younger, in the condition of my youth, and athletically (snowboarding, skiing and skydiving inclined – done everything else but).

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      Earl, thanks for the comeback. I think we ALL wish we were younger. For me, the trick is to fake it till I make it – young that is. The only unpleasant consequencesso far ares aching joints and the wrath of my teenage children. There seem to be good remedies for the first but not the second.

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      Hello Joe,

      Check us out, we could certainly help you with that as we are experienced skiers and boarders as well as videographers.



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