How to edit voice over video.

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      I want to make documentary videos with voice overs which are optional ( i.e. the iewer can turn it off or on during the video.)

      I have Ulead Video Studio and when I record my voice onto the voice over track, it is recorded s an additional part of the audio which can’t be turned off to leave just background music.

      Any Help? (Or maybe the software isn’t good enogh for this?)


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      During any a final production rendering, all sound tracks are mixed together and coupled with all video tracks that are visible.

      If you’re producing to DVD or Blue-ray, then I’d render two seperate videos (if there is enough space on the disc) and provide an option for watching the narrated and non-narrated version. If it’s online, then I’d add one as a second upload. There is no way of rendering a single video with these type of options that I currently know of, other than purchasing expensive software for producing Adobe Flash Video (.swf) files.

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      It’s a limitation of your software.

      See Adobe ENCORE as one possible software solution. I’ve used the the ULEAD/COREL product since V10, and still buy the update (PROX2)

      I haven’t used that feature in ENCORE CS3 but here is a link to the help screen to illustrate it is possible.

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