How to Edit Audio in NLE

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Hello Videomaker community

      I been having a problem with audio in which its heard very differently than the way I wanted to be heard (in different computers and televisions) I know there will always be a slight difference between equipment I play my projects in, but I was wondering, how exactly should audio be edited in the NLE so my audience could hear exactly what I want them to hear? Usually the audio is heard more higher or more lower than the way I heard it in the editing process. I have used external computer speakers, the build-in computer speakers and headphones, but none of them give me that precise idea of how the final audio will be heard.
      How do you edit your audio? Do you use any external audio monitors or another equipment?

      NOTE: This question refers to the post-production process only, none about the production audio problems. I have been using the build in mic of the camcorder and the raw audio footage is in good condition.

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