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      Hi (standard way to start a fourm)Im thinking,scratch that I am going to make a documentery film and need some way to get off the ground. As usual i want to stay on a super low budget (around $75) Its about weapens that super evil smarties build in school. you won’t believe the things that these kids creat if you find the right materal. Basicly it is going to have a “host” yapping, then there is going to be a senero (i know thats not how you spell it) About a kid “pretending to construct it” (Not HOW to construct them.) Then Pretending (by the way, the audience isn’t supposed to know that the actors will be pretending)to use it on someone. I have done a lot of planing and i am about ready to pitch this to my crew. I am working w/ a small crew and i just need some pointers.

      I have neaver made a large documentery before so im going to need some help

      P.s. If you think this idea is a bad idea, speak up!!

      Thank you

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      Depends on your angle, if you are showing the evils of bringing or having weapons in school it may work.

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      Good idea. Thats kind of what i was thinking, it is also also about dangers in the classroom. Like How easy it would be to smuggle an ak47 into class. Also, as you said, the evils. That ties into dangers and misuses of weapons IN the classroom . NOt really haveing because they really arn’t doing any “action packed” harm.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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